April 3, 2016

Resident Artist

ms.jane_“I will work hard to guide you in developing your creative voice and seek to nurture a life-long love and appreciation of the arts through; discussion, observation, a variety of hands on experiences, skill building and reflection.” – Ms. Jane

Our Artist in Residence provides fine arts instruction to all students regularly, encouraging your child to attempt new things, see the world in a variety of ways, learn to express themselves through art and grow confident that their art is worthwhile and beautiful. Individualized art lessons for each grade level include art history, art theory and hands-on workshops, with positive reinforcement for every child’s efforts. Our Resident Artist collaborates with each grade level to align your child’s projects with topics covered in the classroom, Common Core Standards and STEAM.

This opportunity is made possible by the Parent Teacher Group (PTG) and supported by the principal, staff and teachers.

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